5 Course Guitar Tabs

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On this page you will find 5 course plectrum guitar tabs. The tuning is ADGBE which is the same as a standard guitar without the 6th string. The Baroque Guitar was tuned this way and suits Renaissance and Baroque pieces. It also suits plectrum playing. If you wish to sound a little more like the original Baroque guitar tunings I suggest that you change the ‘A’ string for a G string and tune it up to ‘A’. In this way you will have a re-entrant tuning with the bottom string ‘A’ an octave higher than normal. The original Baroque guitars had two strings per course and depending on the country of tuning either or both of the the bottom two strings could be tuned in unison an octave higher, or each string in the course an octave apart.


Andantino Sostenuto


All Through The Night


A Toye (Anon. – 16th Century)

Bouree Cello Suite No.3 (Bach)

Bouree (Krieger)

Branle (Anon. – 16th Century)


Capricho Catalan

Dance Renaissance (Anon. – 16th Century)

El Noi De La Mare


The First Noel

Gavotte French Suite No.5 (Bach)

Gavottes From 6th Cello Suite (Bach)

Go From My Window (John Dowland – 16th Cent.)

Greensleeves (Anon. – 16th Century)

Gypsy Air

Kemps Jig (Anon. – 16th Century)

The King of Denmark’s Galliard (John Dowland – 16th Century)

Las Mananitas

Love Me Tender (Aura Lee)

Minuet (Purcell)

Minuet (Sor)

Minuet In D (De Visee – 16th Century)

Minuet In G (Bach)

Morning Has Broken

Mr. Dowland’s Midnight (John Dowland -16th Century)

My Lady Hunssdon’s Puffe (John Dowland – 16th Century)

Nonesuch (Anon. 16th Century)

Ode To Joy

Oh! Susanna

Packington’s Pound (Anon. – 16th Century)

Sleepers Wake

Symphony No.7 (Beethoven)

Tarleton’s Ressurection (John Dowland – 16th Century)

The Sick Tune (John Dowland – 16th Century)

The Water Is Wide ( Oh! Waly, Waly)

Volte (Anon. – 16th Century)

Waltzing Matilda

We Three Kings

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

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