Guitalele Pdfs

For those of you that do not know of the Guitalele here is the ‘Yamaha Music’ page with it’s specifications:

The Guitalele


Allegro (W. A. Mozart)

Allegro In D Minor (M. Giuliani)

Amazing Grace (J. Newton)

Andante (F. Carulli)

Auld Lang Syne (Traditional Scottish Tune)

Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine (Traditional Irish Tune)

Bouree (J. S. Bach)

Bouree (W. A. Mozart)

Ecossaise (M. Giuliani)

Kemp’s Jig (Anon. – 16th Cent.)

Landler (J. Kuffner)

La Sautillante (F. Carulli)

Maestoso (M. Giuliani)

Melodic Study (J. Kuffner)

Mistress Winter’s Jumpe (John Dowland)

Partita – Entree (G. Brescianello)

Partita – Menuet (G. Brescianello)

Partita – Siciliana (G. Brescianello)

Partita – Gigue (G. Brescianello)

Prelude From 1st Cello Suite (J. S. Bach)

Rondo (M. Carcassi)

Rondo (F. Carulli)

Scale Study (M. Carcassi)

Scotland The Brave (Traditional Scottish Tune)

Trumpet Tune (J. Clarke)

Volte (Anon. 16th Century)

Waltz (F. Carulli)