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Roger Ruthen

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  1. Hi Gord,
    Yes you can safely put a set of DGBE strings on a tenor, but if they were originally for a Baritone Uke they will not be the right tension, they will have less tension on them than they should. You can still play them but you are likely to get fret buzz.

    You can buy Aquila Tenor Ukulele Strings tuned to DGBE which should be at the correct tension for a Tenor Uke.

    Or you could buy a set of Tenor uke strings tuned GCEA with a low G. This would allow you to play from the tab tracks of Baritone Uke sheet music, but the Notation track would be in a different key to the one that you are playing.

    Hope this helps,


  2. Hello, my question is, can I safely put a set of DGBE strings on a tenor ukulele ? The local store has 50 tenor ukes, and not one baritone, so I’d go to a tenor if I can do what I propose. Thanks in advance, Gord

  3. Sorry Frank,
    I do not know of any jazz transcription sites for recorder on the net.
    Maybe some of the jazz flute sites will have suitable transcriptions.
    Some flute sheet music is transcribed within the alto recorder register.
    Best of luck,

  4. Thanks for your alto recorder transcriptions. It is quite generous of you; the site is very friendly,

    Are you aware of any jazz transcriptions for alto recorder – or sites for same?


    Frank, in Virginia

  5. I love the five versions of Molly Mallone, each one a little more advanced than the last. What a brilliant way to improve! Never come across it before. More like that please!

  6. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for this huge amount of arrangements. I learned so much 🙂
    Did you ever consider sharing the source code for these tabs?


  7. Love your Jazz arrangements for Bari Uke. I play Tenor guitar (DGBE) and of course they work well!

  8. Hi Roger,

    I just want to thank you for your ukulele arrangements. In the last few days I’ve spent hours of enjoyment playing them!


  9. Hi Peter,

    Both your questions have answers in the LilyPond documentation:

    * Simultaneous notes:
    * You can specify the string to be used for a note by adding \number after the note (for example, g’4\4):

    I hope this helps, ☺

  10. Hi Peter,

    I no longer use LilyPond, I use Guitar Pro. Under Linux I used to use ‘Frescsobaldi’ as the ‘LilyPond’ editor and ‘Tux Guitar’ for the initial input. Due to a software conflict in later versions I went to Guitar Pro, which can work in Linux under the Windows emulator ‘Wine’. However, I now have half of my drive segmented under ‘Windows’ and the other half under Linux (Ubuntu). I use Guitar Pro in ‘Windows’ to create my transcriptions, and all of my online communications and file transfers under Linux. This is because Linux is much more secure than Windows and does not have the virus and privacy issues that Windows has. So, I suggest that you use Guitar Pro either in Windows, or under ‘Wine’ if you wish to use Linux, and that you save your work to a pdf file. Other than that, I suggest you might try a different LilyPond editor/translator to the one you are currently using.

    Sorry I could not help further,


  11. I love your website and use some of the music. You use LilyPond, I do that too. But I can not find a solution how to get Tabs for multitone music, like Twinkle twinkle little star, and get the correct tabs on the high G(4) string. When I try all notes are on the E(2) or A(1) string. Please help me.

  12. I love this site. Thank you so much for all the work you have done and thought to share! James Hill trained Ukulele teachers from around Australia may soon be visiting, as I’ve shared it on our page in Facebook! Thanks again!!

  13. Thank you for all you do! I really appreciate the classical baritone songs and a piece your wrote entitled ‘Study #1’. Your work is every much appreciated. Thanks again, Nancy.

  14. I love this website! Thank you so much for all these great uke tabs!!

  15. Hello,

    Just wanted to thank you for your descant recorder music and sharing your arrangements,my son is Waltzing Matilda right now-a blessed relief from the Can Can!

  16. Hi Eric,

    I bought ‘Guitar Pro 5’ about six years ago for $50 and use it for all my transcriptions. With it you have the choice of publishing just the mensural notation track, or just the tab track, or both.

    Guitar Pro has now been upgraded to version 6 and can be purchased for $59.95.

    You can download a trial copy here @

    Roger Ruthen

  17. Hello, could you please tell me what program you use for the “tab only” songs. Thank you!

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