Bach Cantatas For ‘Bari’

My current project is to arrange Bach’s Cantatas for the Baritone Ukulele.
I shall be publishing these at regular intervals over the next few months.


(BVW 1) – How Brightly Shines the Morning Star

(BWV 8) – Dearest God, When Shall I Die

(BWV 55) – Be Glad My Soul

(BWV 67) – Chorale

(BWV 78) – From Thy Sleep Awake Thee

(BWV 85) – God Is My Shield and Helper

(BWV 111) – May What My God Will Come to Pass

(BWV 347) – I Thank Thee, Dear Lord

(BWV 643) – All Men Must Die

(BWV 756) Now All Forest Are At Rest

(BWV 784) – In My Dear God

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