Renaissance for Baritone Ukes

A Coy Toy (Dowland)

A Dream (Dowland)

A Fantasy (Dowland)

A Jig (Askue)

Aloe (Dowland)

As It Fell On A Holly Eve (Holborne)

A Toye

Awake Sweet Love (Dowland)

Aye Me (Playford)

Black Nag, The (Playford)

Bonny Sweet Boy


Broom, The Bonny, Bonny Broom (Playford)


Canarios (Sanz)

Candish’s Galliard (Dowland)

Can She Excuse (Dowland)

Captain Digorie Piper (Dowland)

Chanson Englesa (Dowland)


Come Again (Dowland)

Complaint (Dowland)

Coranto (Dowland)

Coventry Carol

Draw Near And Love Me

English Hunt’s Up,The (Whitfield)

Espanoleta (Sanz)

Fortune My Foe(Dowland)

Frog Galliard, The (Dowland)

Gigue (Robinson)

Go From My Window (Dowland)


Greenwood (Playford)

Health, The (Playford)

Home Again


Jack A Lent (Playford)


Lachrimae (Dowland)

Lady In The Dark (Playford)

Lantero (Robinson)

La Roque

Lord Strang’s March (Dowland)

Maid,s In Constrite, The (Playford)

Milk Maid’s Bob (Playford)

Mistress White’s Choice (Dowland)

Morris, The

Mrs. Nicol’s Almain (Dowland

Mrs. White’s Nothing (Dowland)

Mrs. Winter’s Jump (Dowland)

Mulberry Garden, The (Playford)

My Lady Cullen (Playford)

My Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe (Dowland)


Old Mole, The (Playford)

Orlando Sleepeth (Dowland)

Packington’s Pound

Parson’s Farewell (Playford)

Pavane (Sanz)

Peg A Ramsey

Pepper’s Black |(Playford)

Praeludium (Dowland)


Robinson’s May (Robinson)

Rose Is White And Rose Is Red

Row Well Ye Mariners (Playford)

Rufty Tufty (Playford)

Rujero (Sanz)

Shoemaker’s Wife, The (Dowland)

Squirrel’s Toye, The (Dowland)

Sweet Kate (Playford)

Toye (Cutting)

Toye (Dowland)


Where Are Those Eyes So Fair

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